My Personal Job Coach


“I hadn't worked for years, and really didn't know what I was qualified to do anymore, but this program not only helped me realize the skills I have to offer employers, but helped me know how to present myself in the best light.”
J Lindsey, Tampa FL

“I have been a career counselor for over 20 years in private practice, and Paul's book Do What You Are is the most extraordinary career book you will find. MyPersonalJobCoach takes Do What You Are to another level by integrating virtual coaching and a live counseling session. I recommend that you go through the exercises in Do What You Are before purchasing the MPJC program -the combination is the perfect tool kit for anyone seeking career transformation.”
D. Williams, Los Angeles CA

“I really appreciate Paul's understanding that "one size does NOT fit all" when it comes to looking for a job. As an Introvert, I've learned several strategies that I'll actually be able to execute successfully.”
C. Dampier, Columbus OH

“The most useful take-away for me was identifying some skills I sort of took for granted, that now I realize are in demand by lots of employers.”
G. Friedman, Denver CO

“I loved The Job Selection Tool. It helped me compare different job possibilities and eliminate two that I first thought would be great for me. Now I understand why they weren't good matches.”
C. Mikels, Houston TX

“I was skeptical when I first heard of type theory. I thought it was just another pop psychology fad. After going through the MBTI and MyPersonalJobCoach program, I am quite convinced that this program can drastically improve your career design.”
T. Washington, San Francisco, CA