My Personal Job Coach

About My Personal Job Coach

My Personal Job Coach is a unique, virtual, on-line, one-on-one coaching session with leading career expert Paul D. Tieger. This session provides job seekers with targeted, practical insights that translate into a powerful job search advantage.

Simulating a face-to-face coaching session, the My Personal Job Coach experience is intimate, supportive and provides each job seeker with immediate, tangible assistance which results in a Custom Job Search Road Map that includes:

  • A full Personality Type Profile
  • An inventory of their job-related strengths and potential blind spots
  • A description of their key career satisfiers
  • An inventory of their most valuable transferable skills and key interests
  • A list of their best-fit jobs and careers
  • Proven success strategies for customizing their job search
  • Advice on how to increase their interviewing effectiveness
  • On-going access to The Job Selection Tool which enables users to compare various job options
  • Key resources for learning about the best potential jobs
  • Links to the most effective targeted job posting sites
  • A network of experienced career counselors available to provide personalized assistance
  • What Makes Your Personal Job Search Roadmap

    Your 100% customized Roadmap will let you know exactly what you need to have job satisfaction, identify several target jobs, and enable you to successfully sell yourself to employers, using targeted, practical and proven strategies.

  • 1 Discover Your
    Personality Type

    By taking our quick and accurate personality type assessment, you'll discover your unique talents, gifts and qualities, as well as the most valuable assets you have to offer employers.

  • 2 Verify Your
    Personality Type

    You'll have the opportunity to confirm that you've accurately identified your one-true personality type - a key step in beginning to develop your Personal Job Search Road Map.

  • 3 Your Strengths
    and Blindspots

    Identifying your greatest strengths and blindspots is a critical first step to finding a satisfying job or career. This exercise lays the foundation upon which your Custom Job Search Road Map will be built.

  • 4 Your Career

    Career satisfiers are those aspects, features, or activities of a job that make it enjoyable and rewarding. This critical exercise will help you determine your most important career satisfiers and will inform your choices as you compare target jobs.

  • 5 Your Key

    Can you find work that makes use of your special talents, and involves a subject that really interests you? Yes! And this exercise will bring you closer to not only finding a job, but finding the most satisfying job.

  • 6 Your Best

    You may be surprised as a result of this exercise, to learn how many of your skills which you may take for granted, are in great demand by employers.

  • 7 Your Target

    Based on your personality type and what you've learned thus far, you can review Target Jobs to find the one that offers the most potential for satisfaction and success.

  • 8 Determine Your
    Best Jobs

    The decision tool will help you compare your target jobs to determine how satisfying each will be. Here, you can research specifics about each job, including, duties, educational requirements, salary range, and future outlook for that job.

  • 9 Customize Your
    Job Search

    You can reduce your stress and increase your chances of success by capitalizing on your strengths and neutralizing the blindspots that are most likely to trip you up. This exercise will help ensure that doesn't happen.

  • 10 How to Ace the
    Job Interview

    Of all the job search activities, none is more important than the job interview. My Personal Job Coach provides proven, customized strategies that will help you be more successful in every interview situation.

  • 11 Strategies for
    Handling Stress

    This exercise helps you identify both the things that stress you - your Stress Triggers, and the tactics you can employ to reduce your stress - your Stress Buster Strategies.